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Blue Ventures is an award winning marine conservation charity. We rebuild tropical fisheries with coastal communities. On our Beyond Conservation blog you can hear voices from the front line of marine conservation written by our staff and volunteers.

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Culling me softly…

by Hayley McKenzie, Blue Ventures volunteer, Belize The divers hunt in a pack, eyes peeled for the distinctive feathery spines peeking out from behind a rock, huddled into the reef or perched on top of a spur. On sighting a...

/ Nov 8, 2012

Blue forests: behind the scenes…

by Samir Gandhi, Blue Forests Research Assistant, Madagascar A lot has changed for me in 12 months, undoubtedly for the better. Just over a year ago I was stuck in a dead-end office job; now, I am working for Blue Ventures...

/ Oct 31, 2012

Schools (not) out for summer

by Marzia Garin, Education and Scholarships Coordinator, Madagascar It’s September in Andavadoaka, and like many places across the world, the school year is about to begin. However, unlike many places across the world, these students are genuinely excited about the...

/ Oct 29, 2012

Diving deep in Belize

by Jen Chapman, Country Coordinator, Belize The queen conch (Strombus gigas) fishery in Belize is valued at approximately US$ 3,000,000  per year and engages over 3,000 licensed fishermen nationally. Despite non-destructive fishing methods (free-divers collect conch off the seafloor by...

/ Oct 15, 2012
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VIP expeditions

by Thomas Forwood, volunteer, Belize Generally speaking, life at Bacalar Chico Dive Camp (BCDC) is routine. You get up at 5am, breakfast is at 8am and lunch is at 1pm. In between is diving, marshalling duties and other enjoyable responsibilities,...

/ Oct 9, 2012

Mission possible

by Viviane Jeannie, Scholars Coordinator, Madagascar Part of my job as scholarship coordinator is to purchase school materials for each new school year for all of our sponsored students. In the 2012 – 2013 school year, that meant shopping for...

/ Oct 4, 2012
The brand new Safidy Health Centre

Calling all mothers: Safidy has a new home and maternal & child health programme!

by Dr Clarisse Razanamampionona, Safidy’s Doctor, and Samantha Cockburn, Medical Elective Student. Safidy is part of Blue Ventures’ integrated Population, Health, and Environment (PHE) approach to conservation in the Velondriake area of southwest Madagascar. Safidy, which means “choice” or “freedom...

/ Sep 10, 2012

Bigger, better, faster: ‘The Columbian’ has finally arrived!

by Sarah Beach, Field Scientist, Belize This expedition marked another exciting milestone in the history of Blue Ventures Belize (BVB). After almost a year in the making, we finally welcomed the arrival of our brand new boat. Built in Mexico...

/ Aug 21, 2012

BV Scholar Paubert is ‘cruising’ on a wave of success

by Paubert Mahatante, Roger Samba and J. Paul Getty Scholar, Toliara, Madagascar (introduction by Joanna Hudson, Blue Ventures Science Intern, London) Introduction: This blog is written by Blue Ventures scholar, Paubert Mahatante, who was chosen to participate on a Agulhas and Somali...

/ Mar 20, 2012

When the going gets tough? The tough keep surveying: exploring the mangrove forests of NW Madagascar

by Dr. Trevor Jones, Remote Sensing Scientist, Madagascar The Blue Forests and Coastal Communities (BFCC) team is currently in transit on the long (>2500km!) road trip back to Toliara after a month long reconnaissance mission in northern Madagascar. We’ve been...

/ Mar 6, 2012

Record numbers of critically endangered tortoise counted by Blue Ventures

by Shanta Barley, Field Scientist, Madagascar When Ryan Walker, a biologist based at the Open University, and his team crawled on their hands and knees through 60 kilometres of clothes-shredding, hair-plucking spiny forest between Toliara and the Mangoky River, racking...

/ Feb 1, 2012

One coffee and a warty chameleon, coming right up!

by Shanta Barley, Field Scientist, Madagascar With 57 of the world’s 131 species of chameleon, including the largest and the smallest, Madagascar has a monopoly on the family’s diversity. This unusual individual (see photo, below) was spotted clinging to a...

/ Jan 30, 2012
Shark Monitoring

Shark vs Cyclone

by Shanta Barley, Field Scientist, Madagascar What constitutes a duvet day for a Vezo shark fisherman? Not the threat of capsizing in seven metre waves, it turns out. Yesterday, Andava bay was peppered with pirogues en route to the Mozambique...

/ Jan 26, 2012

Feom’bezo (the Voice of the Vezo) radio show

The Velondriake Management Committee works hard to keep the community informed about its many conservation activities, and how these benefit the community. In September 2011, Velondriake began producing a bi-monthly radio show in partnership with Blue Ventures, called Feom’Bezo (The...

/ Jan 12, 2012

Conservation through Music: Respect the Environment / Hajao ty Tontolo Iaina

By Christi Turner, Education & Youth Outreach Coordinator Does anyone remember the cartoon movie Ferngully: the Last Rainforest?  I’ll never forget watching it as a child, and starting to think about the disappearing forests on the other side of the...

/ Dec 18, 2011