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Jérémie Bossert
Jérémie was our conservation project coordinator in Belo sur Mer from 2012 until 2014, working closely with both the community conservation team and the blue forests team on setting up mangrove reserves, and trialling the first seaweed and sea cucumber farms in this region.

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By Jeremie Bossert, Belo sur Mer Conservation Coordinator, Madagascar Mangrove forests provide rich fishing grounds for many coastal people in western Madagascar. Blue Ventures first...

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By Jérémie Bossert, Belo Sur Mer Coordinator, Madagascar Finally Madagascar has a democratically elected president! Things here have a tendency to move slowly, be it...

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by Jérémie Bossert, Belo sur Mer Conservation Coordinator, Madagascar It’s the 23rd of September 2012, and dawn is breaking on the fifth reserve opening in the...