As we mentioned previously we had eminent marine biologists visiting Andavadoaka to conduct some species surveys before Chirstmas. Here are some of the results they found:
A total of 386 fish species belonging to 182 genera and 57 families were recorded during the survey, giving Andavadoaka a total fauna of at least 529 species. Within this, the dominant groups were wrasses (Labridae), damselfishes (Pomacentridae), and groupers (Serranidae) with 55, 48, and 23 species respectively.
A total of 66 species recorded during the present survey were not seen during the previous (2002) Conservation International RAP survey of north-western Madagascar, including 28 species that represent new records for Madagascar.
Both the results of this survey combined with previous survey reveal a total reef fish fauna for Madagascar of 815 species.
If you want to check out what some of these fish look like, why not visit our the species library on our website by clicking here

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