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Our work in Belize encompasses scientific research at the Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve as part of our award-winning expeditions, and community-based efforts to combat the threat of lionfish to local reefs by stimulating new markets for this invasive species.

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The Mangroves

By Dan Purnell, BV Belize Volunteer, Sarteneja, Belize. It happens to be another windy day in Belize.  This usually means that it will be a “Plan B” day; we won’t be doing much in the way of diving.  But no...

/ Mar 24, 2011
Samos - 'el capitano'

Less than two weeks to go in BCDC…

By Steph Remion, BV Belize Volunteer, Sarteneja, Belize. Less than two weeks to go in Bacalar Chico Dive Camp (BCDC)… Belize it or not, despite living in wooden huts, washing with cold water, and having only three hours of electricity...

/ Mar 17, 2011
Bacalar Chico Dive Camp

Would you BELIZE it???

By Gaz Phillips, Expedition Leader, Sarteneja, Belize. Would you BELIZE it??? A manatee or two or three or …………….. The weather can sometimes blow hard on the Caribbean coast making diving the outer reef a little treacherous. Despair not as...

/ Mar 14, 2011
Volunteers and Field Staff teaching V class

BV Belize Primary School Teaching in Sarteneja

By Sarah Adams, Expedition Manager, Sarteneja, Belize. The theme for BV Belize primary school teaching session this expedition was conservation and natural resources.  We accompanied 25 pupils from the Standard V class at Sarteneja’s RC School to Shipstern Nature Reserve...

/ Mar 2, 2011
Henry's Seagrass Lecture

BV Belize joins Seagrass Net Survey

By Sarah Adams, Expedition Manager, Sarteneja, Belize. Blue Ventures Belize staff and volunteers joined the Belize Fisheries Department in January’s Seagrass Net survey.  The Fisheries Department have a base in Bacalar Chico, at the San Juan Ranger Station, and Blue...

/ Feb 28, 2011
Sarteneja Jetty

Blue Ventures helps local tour guides refresh their first aid skills.

By Garry Phillips, Dive Manager, Sarteneja, Belize. Four members of the Sarteneja Tour guides association (STGA) recently took part in the Emergency first responder course. They require a First aid qualification to be able to renew their guides licence. BV...

/ Feb 21, 2011
Jodi with Blue Ventures' Field Scientists

A Belizean adventure

By Jodi Burley, Blue Ventures Belize Volunteer. I arrived in Belize early January via Belize International Airport, flying via Miami all the way from Australia.  The view of vast blue oceans below from the airplane window awaits…. From Belize City,...

/ Feb 14, 2011
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A visit to Belize

By Richard Nimmo, BV Managing Director. I have just returned from a whistle-stop tour of Belize in which I visited all of Blue Ventures’ project partners and spent time in our host village of Sartegna and at our Expedition site...

/ Dec 1, 2010

A hard week at the office

Notes from the field, from Blue Ventures expedition manager, Sarah Adams. Bacalar Chico Dive Camp, MesoAmerican Barrier Reef, Belize, 18° 07′ 53.32″ N, 87° 50′ 21.24″ W. One of highlights of this expedition so far happened on consecutive days during...

/ Nov 19, 2010

Mad weather, dinner in Mexico, big turtles and a Whale Shark

by Christiana Hayward. Lying on the jetty looking out over the lagoon towards the barrier reef I marvelled at huge white breakers boiling, crashing, thundering over the reef, unable to hold back the tempest allowing rolling waves into our normally...

/ May 17, 2010

A Solitary Eagle, Osprey, a Leatherback and a Greasy Pig

By Christiana Hayward. By week three of dive camp our science target sites had been chosen and we were on a roll. We had all passed our science tests with the help, care, dogged determination and humour of Nick our...

/ May 13, 2010
Jetty Caye

Our dive camp days

by Christiana Hayward-Kourabas. Between the barrier reef and the shore is a huge shallow expanse of calm crystal clear sea the blues interspersed with dark patches of reef. We followed the jungley coast for about ten minutes until we reached...

/ Apr 7, 2010

Waffles and wildlife

by Alasdair Gilchrist. As is sometimes the will of the weather gods we woke up the other morning to winds powerful enough to prevent us passing through the cuts in the reef to reach the deep outer reef. Rather than...

/ Apr 6, 2010
The view from your cabina

The team reach Bacalar Chico

by David Chanter. Hola amigos. Life at Bacalar Chico Base Camp is unreal. The best way I can think to describe it is to imagine the film ‘The Beach’ but less developed.

/ Apr 1, 2010
Hauling the boat in

Spectacular Sarteneja!

by David Chanter and Sean Callahan. Arrived in Sarteneja by water taxi on Monday to be greeted by the Blue Ventures team (Jon, JJ, Al, Nick). Everyone in Sarteneja is really friendly, welcoming, and appreciate any small effort made to...

/ Mar 31, 2010