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Our work in Belo sur Mer on Madagascar’s west coast started in 2009, and currently focuses on supporting coastal communities to establish periodic mangrove fishery reserves in the area. Since 2013, we’ve branched into community-based aquaculture and reproductive health, as part of our integrated approach to marine conservation.

Laura's Belo Photo 2

Uncovering family planning needs in Belo sur Mer

By Lison Garrel, Safidy (Community Health) Programme Coordinator, Belo sur Mer My involvement with Blue Ventures started at the beginning of 2013, with a two-month mission to Belo sur Mer on Madagascar’s west coast. The aim: to conduct an assessment...

/ Jul 2, 2013
4. catched a big mud crab

A journey of crab catching in the mangrove channel

by Sylvia Paulot, Blue Forests Scientist, Madagascar As mangrove conservation officer, I have visited many villages in mangrove forests, and talked much with the local people, but I have never really experienced first-hand the daily life of a fisher from one...

/ Jan 24, 2013
Thomas got a little carried away

Mangrove madness and reserve success in Antanimanimbo

by Jérémie Bossert, Belo sur Mer Conservation Coordinator, Madagascar It’s the 23rd of September 2012, and dawn is breaking on the fifth reserve opening in the Belo sur Mer region, today in the village of Antanimanimbo. After six months without any...

/ Nov 22, 2012

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it’s bat fish and sea robin! The bemused wanderings of a marine biologist lost at sea…

by our anonymous contact with BatFish & SeaRobin, Madagascar During a post dinner discussion with a colleague in Belo sur Mer, he mentioned that during his trip to the islands of Kirindy Mite, approximately 20 km west of the village...

/ Aug 29, 2012
turtle festival 1

Lôlô in the limelight at the fano (turtle) festival in Andranopasy

by Brian Jones, Community Research Coordinator, Madagascar I can’t think of anyone who deserved a t-shirt more than Lôlô… a few hours ago he was in tears after one of our guys, Toto, let it slip to him that he...

/ Jul 3, 2012

The patsa express comes to Antanimanimbo (though I would have never noticed it)

By Brian Jones, Belo-sur-Mer Project Coordinator, Madagascar If the village of Antanimanimbo had a street, they’d be dancing in it. The annual migration of patsa (Acetes erythraeus for you sciency types), a tiny shrimp sometimes referred to as “paste shrimp”, has...

/ Apr 20, 2012

Setting sail: a brief look at migration in southwest Madagascar

By Kame Westerman, Velondriake LMMA Coordinator, Madagascar Human migration can be influenced by a number of factors – political, social, economic, physical, and even cultural. In southwest Madagascar, where Blue Ventures works, migration is an important factor to consider when...

/ Apr 16, 2012
Boutry manoeuvre

Malagasy celebrations: Part one

By Samuel Blyth, Independent Researcher, Madagascar Belo-sur-Mer and the surrounding communities have a lot to offer residents, tourists and the occasional independent researcher, such as myself. Having been here for over two months, it is about time I shared some...

/ Oct 4, 2011
Rickard Yngwe april2006,165

Reading the stars under Belo-sur-Mer

By Brian Jones, Community Research Coordinator, Belo-sur-Mer, Madagascar It was early May when we were planning our upcoming activities for the next two months, what with the pending mid-June departure of Charlie, our fearless leader and project coordinator here in...

/ Jun 13, 2011
A variety of Shark and Guitarfish fins lie out to dry

Guitarfish a Go-Go- Bribes and barrages in Belo-sur-Mer

By Brian Jones, Community Research Coordinator, Belo-sur-mer, Madagascar. You’ve got to admire the mettle of people who, despite the cards being seemingly insurmountably stacked against them, can still stick to their guns and stand up for what they believe in....

/ Apr 21, 2011
The team in Mombasa

30 minutes of fame in Mombasa

By Brian Jones, Community Research Coordinator, Belo-sur-mer, Madagascar. It’s 12:30am, and I’ve just finished talking to myself in the mirror of my hotel room, nestled in a corner of what is probably the best watered garden in all of Mombasa,...

/ Mar 25, 2011

Where the trees have teeth…

By Charlie Gough, Marine Research Coordinator, Belo-sur-Mer, Madagascar. The word “swamp” conjures vivid images of squelching muddy bogs, sulphurous eruptions, and mosquitos laden with fever inducing parasites. However the mangrove swamps of western Madagascar have a much more ethereal quality...

/ Feb 11, 2011
Nesting triggerfish

Diving, Dolphins and a Discodoris!

By Charlie Gough, Marine Research Coordinator, Belo-sur-mer, Madagascar.  Christmas and the New Year was an eventful time for the Blue Ventures Belo sur Mer dive team. Joined by Andavadoaka staff member Goff and BV veteran Dr Garth Cripps, the Belo...

/ Jan 24, 2011
The anticipation (c) Jo Gallagher

Lighting up the night in western Madagascar

By Brian Jones, Conservation Project Coordinator, Belo sur mer, Madagascar In social marketing terminology it’s referred to as an “aperture” – a point in time when you have your target audience’s undivided attention, and your message will be most effective,...

/ Dec 7, 2010

Seeing is Believing-Western Madagascar’s first community exchange for marine conservation

I feared a revolt as I brought our group of weary travelers together at dusk, and told them that we’d be having our first evening session with the Velondriake Association committee members that very night. The response from the 16...

/ Nov 18, 2010