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Edition 43 | Autumn 2013
Exchanging octopus for lobster: Azafady visits Velondriake
Blue Ventures partnered with Azafady earlier this year for a community exchange trip; fishers from Sainte Luce in the far south of Madagascar learned about our conservation models, and how octopus kick started conservation in Velondriake.
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Edition 42 | Summer 2013
Voyages of discovery: Blue Ventures and the Pitcairn Islands
Richard Nimmo, Managing Director, along with Pew Charitable Trusts, travelled to one of the remote locations on the planet - the Pitcairn Islands, a potential location for the world's largest MPA!
Edition 41 | Spring 2013
Where women rule the mangroves: Empowering conservation in North-West Madagascar
Meet the women who are taking matters into their own hands and replanting the mangrove forest - an unexpected but welcome discovery in northwest Madagascar