Standing in the shadow of giants

by Adin Farenako, Madagascar

I’d like to share a short story about a local legend from a region near my birthplace.

Talimotse was an extraordinary man from the Menabe region. He was over 30 metres tall so could travel very fast and far by foot. When Talimotse was asleep, his feet stuck up like Baobab trees. People could see his feet all the way around Menabe. When he knelt down to drink from the lake his knees made a big hole on the shore. He was so big when he died that he had to be buried in six graves, each one five metres long. He came from a long line of big and strong people. His family was so strong that each member could lift a zebu cart without any help. To this day his family still lives in Marofihitsy, east of Belo-sur-Mer. When you see someone who is very strong in Marofihitsy you can bet they are from Talimotse’s family!


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