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A Chameleon

Staff Q&A with Taylor Mayol, Communications Officer

In the third instalment in our series of Q&As with Blue Ventures staff, we ask Taylor Mayol, our Communications Officer, some searching questions about science, conservation and superpowers… What is your scientific background? Actually none at all! When I first...

/ May 8, 2013
Blue Forests Workshop

Blue forests workshop

This article by Mairead Rocke was originally published on the Blue Carbon Portal: you can read the original post here On the 17th and 18th of January 2013, the validation workshop for the GEF Blue Forests project was held at the...

/ May 8, 2013

When there are no more fish in the sea

Cuaming Island, Philippines Rogelio Angco traces the neat rows of numbers with his finger as he recounts the details of the ‘Barangay Profile’; the chart framed above his desk. This table keeps a meticulous record of the makeup of the...

/ May 3, 2013
Shawn with BV staff in Belo-sur-mer

Staff Q&A with Shawn Peabody, Madagascar Country Director

In the second instalment in our series of Q&As with Blue Ventures staff, we ask Shawn Peabody, our Madagascar Country Director, some searching questions about science, conservation and superpowers… What is your scientific background? I have a BSc from the...

/ May 1, 2013
Lalao.Father of Gazelles.3

Visiting the father of Gazelles

by Lalao Aigrette, Mangrove Field Scientist, Madagascar I recently visited the United Arab Emirates to participate in the Abu Dhabi Blue Carbon Demonstration Project (ADBCDP). In Arabic, Abu Dhabi means the father of gazelle (Abu = father of, and Dhabi = gazelle),...

/ Apr 19, 2013
Consultation Room

A trip to the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

by Samantha Cockburn, Medical Elective Student with the Safidy programme, Madagascar I’m Sam, a final year medical student currently studying at the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry in southwest England. Four years ago I went to a lecture at...

/ Mar 28, 2013

Blue carbon in Abu Dhabi

by Trevor Jones, Remote Sensing Scientist, Madagascar Lalao Aigrette, fellow BV Blue Forests colleague, and I recently spent a fascinating two weeks in the western coast of the Arabian Gulf. We were participating in the initial research of the Abu...

/ Mar 27, 2013
photo 2

Talking tuna with the UN

by Mialy Andriamahefazafy,Environmental Policy Specialist, Madagascar Tuna management has always been a major focus for our policy work, even though it may seem like a small piece of the puzzle within our very successful community-based fishery management programme. However, we...

/ Mar 20, 2013

Island life: monitoring nesting turtles in the Barren Isles

by Olivier Raynaud, Maintirano & Barren Isles Project Coordinator, Madagascar Among the variety of natural riches that can be found in the Barren Isles’ diverse ecosystems are five of the world’s seven marine turtle species; the leatherback, loggerhead , olive ridley,...

/ Feb 20, 2013

The most beautiful adventure: My first trip beyond Madagascar

by Rado Lebely, Terrestrial & Fisheries Scientist and EDGE Fellowship winner, Madagascar Who would think that I’ve never been outside of Madagascar, never travelled by plane and never seen an international airport? This reality changed when I was accepted to join...

/ Feb 13, 2013

The sweet taste of success in Saturday School

by Marzia Garin, former Education and Youth Coordinator, Madagascar In mid-November, the children at Saturday School had a very special guest: the Swiss NGO ADES (The Association for the Development of Solar Energy). ADES travelled down to Andavadoaka to teach...

/ Feb 7, 2013

Have you ever encountered a live sea cucumber?

by Taylor Mayol, Communications and Programme Development Officer, Madagascar I hadn’t either until just a few months ago. I knew I was in for a wild ride during my fellowship after I dove into a crystal clear turquoise bay in...

/ Feb 1, 2013