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Making my mother proud…

I feel like I’m gaining skills that will help me to accomplish my goals and hopefully continue to make my mother proud as well.

/ Mar 11, 2015

Andika sur Mer reserve opening: a photo diary

Andika-sur-Mer, a vezo fishing village of just over 200 people located about 20 kilometers south of Morondava on Madagascar’s west coast, closed their first temporary mangrove reserve in December of 2011. In this photo slide-show, our Conservation Coordinator, Brian Jones,...

/ Jul 4, 2013
photo 2

Talking tuna with the UN

by Mialy Andriamahefazafy,Environmental Policy Specialist, Madagascar Tuna management has always been a major focus for our policy work, even though it may seem like a small piece of the puzzle within our very successful community-based fishery management programme. However, we...

/ Mar 20, 2013
BV group

A much needed repose

By Brian Jones, Conservation Coordinator, Madagascar Living in paradise ain’t always easy. Sometimes you just need to… get away. Nowhere better to do that than in my hometown in eastern Pennsylvania in the middle of winter! Huh? Contradictory as that...

/ Feb 25, 2013

Conservation through Music: Respect the Environment / Hajao ty Tontolo Iaina

By Christi Turner, Education & Youth Outreach Coordinator Does anyone remember the cartoon movie Ferngully: the Last Rainforest?  I’ll never forget watching it as a child, and starting to think about the disappearing forests on the other side of the...

/ Dec 18, 2011

Lemurs, Larium and Leanne Rimes: the adventures of the overland tour

By Martine Botha, Blue Ventures volunteer, Madagascar Day One After our first humid night in Antananarivo, we arrived for breakfast at the Hotel Raphia to meet the rest of our fellow BV volunteers and to feast on a standard Madagascan...

/ Nov 18, 2011
Civil Society Organisations

Talking Tuna in Tanzania

By Mialy Andriamhefazafy, BV Environmental Policy Officer, Madagascar This week has been a very exciting one in my role as BV’s Madagascar-based environmental policy officer. Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) from around the Indian and Pacific Ocean regions have been meeting here...

/ Nov 10, 2011

The beauty of the baobabs and the birds

By Karen Toque, Blue Ventures volunteer, Madagascar It was time for a break from diving to allow the nitrogen bubbles that had built up in our blood over the past five days spent underwater to leave the body. We decided...

/ Nov 9, 2011

See the sea cucumbers come out at night

By Harry Harty, Blue Ventures volunteer, Madagascar As a non-diving volunteer my 12 weeks here at Andavadoaka are being spent undertaking various terrestrial based activities. Last week BV’s Aquaculture Project Coordinator, Antoine approached me about joining him on one of...

/ Nov 2, 2011

World population will reach 7 billion by the end of October

By Kame Westerman, Velondriake MPA Project Coordinator, Madagascar According to the United Nations, world population will reach 7 billion at the end of this month. The majority of this growth is in developing countries, where communities are highly reliant on...

/ Oct 26, 2011

Eagle explorations

By Karen Tocque, Blue Ventures volunteer, Madagascar It was blowing hard from the south – about 35 knots and lifting the sand up into your face on the way down to dinner. We weren’t diving for a couple of days...

/ Oct 13, 2011
IMG_6320 (Large)

Another generation of sea cucumbers for Tampolove!

By Antoine Rougier, Aquaculture Project Coordinator, Madagascar The 26th of September was another successful day for the Velondriake Locally Managed Marine Area (LMMA), where Blue Ventures is supporting several local communities to develop village-based aquaculture activities focused on farming sea...

/ Oct 5, 2011

Malagasy celebrations: Part two

By Samuel Blyth, Independent Researcher, Madagascar The second village that I worked in was quite a change from the Vezo communities that most volunteers and visitors to the coast spend their time in. Going to Marofihitsy to survey was potentially...

/ Oct 5, 2011
Mantis shrimp

Happy campers

By Cari Walker, Blue Ventures volunteer, Andavadoaka, Madagascar. Half of the group on Expedition 63 took an overnight camping trip to the island of Andragnombala. We had initially intended to go to Tampolove. However, the local saying “it depends on...

/ Aug 17, 2011

Songs of the Sea

By Paul Firth, Blue Ventures volunteer, Andavadoaka, Madagascar ‘Vezo Aho’ is painted proudly on the square white sail of our slender wooden pirogue as Simba, our host, tightens it into the northerly wind and bears away towards Nosy Fasy, a...

/ Aug 8, 2011