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Charlie is our monitoring and evaluation coordinator. She has led numerous marine research expeditions scuba diving along thousands of kilometres of Madagascar's coastline, and is currently working on number-crunching all of our scientific data so that we can measure and communicate our impact!


Fishing for information

By Charlie Gough, Marine Research Coordinator, Madagascar Fishing affects all levels of biological organisation, from the individual to populations, affecting their demographic and genetic characteristics as well as communities and ecosystems. Among the many effects of fishing, those referring to...

/ Nov 23, 2011

Where the trees have teeth…

By Charlie Gough, Marine Research Coordinator, Belo-sur-Mer, Madagascar. The word “swamp” conjures vivid images of squelching muddy bogs, sulphurous eruptions, and mosquitos laden with fever inducing parasites. However the mangrove swamps of western Madagascar have a much more ethereal quality...

/ Feb 11, 2011
Nesting triggerfish

Diving, Dolphins and a Discodoris!

By Charlie Gough, Marine Research Coordinator, Belo-sur-mer, Madagascar.  Christmas and the New Year was an eventful time for the Blue Ventures Belo sur Mer dive team. Joined by Andavadoaka staff member Goff and BV veteran Dr Garth Cripps, the Belo...

/ Jan 24, 2011
Parfish workshop participants Toliara November 2010

What is the probability……?

By Charlie Gough,  Marine Research Coordinator, Belo-sur-mer, Madagascar.  The last week of November, and the dust bowl city of Toliara was the location for the 1st Parfish workshop to be held in Madagascar. Parfish, a participatory approach to stock assessment,...

/ Dec 20, 2010