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Fishing communities are facing a slew of problems including declining fish stocks, climate change and associated sea level rise. The substantial contributions made by women to fisheries, and the multiple roles they play in the sector, have gained increasing recognition in recent years. Although they may not always be recognised as such, women are just as involved in small-scale fisheries as men are. They may fish from boats or on foot; they process the catch once it has been landed, they act as traders, buying and selling seafood products. The involvement of women in these roles varies from country to country but one thing is for sure: women play key roles in fisheries around the world, and to ignore those roles is to see only half the picture; to underestimate the problems we have to address, but also to underestimate our capacity to tackle those issues.

To address these challenges as comprehensively as we can, we need all hands on deck. In order to avail of the widest possible pool of skills, perspectives, ideas and resources, we must include women. In protecting our oceans and support the communities reliant on them, women are an essential part of the solution.

This series profiles some of the many inspirational women working on fisheries management and marine conservation in Indonesia. Throughout the series, Blue Ventures hopes to highlight the essential work being carried out by our partner organisations in Indonesia, and especially to place the women leading and working within these organisations in the spotlight. The publication of the first article in the series has been timed to coincide with International Women’s Day. These are women breaking down gender stereotypes, bringing fresh perspectives and acting as role models for future generations.

Nurain Lapolo: “Women are on the frontlines of this fight on climate breakdown”

Women in Fisheries 8: Nurain Lapolo is the first female director of Japesda, a community-based organisation that works with small-scale fishing communities in Gorontalo and Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

/ Apr 1, 2021

Maryana and the octopus fisherwomen of Merpas Village

Women in Fisheries 7: Pramasty Ayu Koesdinar, Programme Coordinator at AKAR Foundation, shares her story of meeting Maryana, an octopus fisher from Indonesia

/ Nov 6, 2020

Bridging the mountains and the sea

Women in Fisheries 6: “The sea and the mountains are interconnected, it is an inseparable unity.” An interview with Metty Wasa, Office Manager, Tananua Foundation in Indonesia

/ May 14, 2020

Locally led conservation: listening, persevering and working together

Women in Fisheries 5: an interview with Ami Raini Putriraya, Site Manager for North Minahasa, Perkumpulan YAPEKA

/ Feb 5, 2020

The Educator

Women in Fisheries 4: an interview with Hani Nusantari of JARI

/ Aug 2, 2019

Building confidence through communication

Women in Fisheries 3: an interview with Mursiati of FORKANI

/ Jun 7, 2019

Toudani: inspiring a connection with land, ocean and culture

Women in Fisheries 2: an interview with Nurmayanti of FORKANI

/ May 24, 2019
Women in fisheries

From research to relationships

Women in Fisheries 1: an interview with Gayatri Reksodihardjo-Lilley, founder of Yayasan LINI

/ Mar 6, 2019