BV played Football against the village on Sunday. Men lost 2:1, Women lost 2:1. We are closing the gap. Victory is within our reach, so watch this space…again!

Two bird experts from Bath University visited the site to catalogue the species of birds found here. Amongst other things they discovered an unusually high population of the threatened Madagascar Plover – possibly the best population in Madagacsar and they are keen to do more research into the numbers.

We also have a team of world renowned experts currently visiting the site including Gerry Allen author of Indo-Pacific Coral Reef Field Guide and Doug Fenner who are studying and cataloguing marine biodiversity. They are finding exciting things every day.

The nearby village Lamboara carried out their fomba ceremony yesterday for the closure of their octopus reserve on 1st December. A team from BV and WCS attended to assist with the ceremony and meet with the village. We will continue to keep you updated with how this is closure progresses.

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  1. Cool! I remember seeing them on my one venture out with Amy who set up the bird watch scheme.. great to hear that it is being followed through and that such a discovery has been made. Keep it up guys.