Lemurs Warm-up with Space Heaters
January 9, 2008, 5:19 PM PST

Lemurs Warm-up with Space Heaters Chilly ring-tailed lemurs at the Japan Monkey Centre in Aichi Prefecture have been jostling for positions in front of an electric heater to keep warm.

Employees say the heater was first brought into the cage for them, not the animals, because it was so cold to work there.

But the primates now line up in front of the device, often with their arms wide-stretched, enjoying the warmth.

Some even fight for the best position.

What’s strange is that lemurs are normally afraid of electrical appliances, according to employees.

Indigenous to Madagascar, lemurs are the most primitive primates and are among the world’s most endangered species.

They have difficulty regulating their body temperature and usually heat their bodies by lying in direct sunlight.

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