The First Days in Andavadoaka

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    “A Recipe of Perfection”

    By Dannie & Yiannie


    Using the most peaceful and beautiful landscape of the world

    Begin by never-ending blueness of ocean,

    Adding plenty of fine and silky – almost silver sand.

    Break into this a perfectly rounded golden sun

    That sets below the blue horizon

    Leaving a rose-petal and lavender sky.

    For tradition, gently stir in pinches of native flavours

    Imperative to any recipe of perfection -

    Robust colours of red earth, black vanilla pods

    Leaf shaped coconut biscuits – “bonbon coco”

    And a community life abundant with smiles and songs.

    Sieve into this a large tablespoon of Western individuals -

    Mixed nuts of origin and profession

    When these are crushed together under one “Nosy Cao”

    They provide the salt required to nurture this recipe’s pureness.

    After mixing well, finally heat the mixture for no less than three weeks.

    While the flavours bind and work together

    Serve on a night like tonight -

    With a full moon of pearly white

    A perfect garnish to a culinary delight.