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Our work in Belize encompasses scientific research at the Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve as part of our award-winning expeditions, and community-based efforts to combat the threat of lionfish to local reefs by stimulating new markets for this invasive species.

Waffles and wildlife

by Alasdair Gilchrist. As is sometimes the will of the weather gods we woke up the other morning to winds powerful enough to prevent us passing through the cuts in the reef to reach the deep outer reef. Rather than...

/ Apr 6, 2010

The team reach Bacalar Chico

by David Chanter. Hola amigos. Life at Bacalar Chico Base Camp is unreal. The best way I can think to describe it is to imagine the film ‘The Beach’ but less developed.

/ Apr 1, 2010

Spectacular Sarteneja!

by David Chanter and Sean Callahan. Arrived in Sarteneja by water taxi on Monday to be greeted by the Blue Ventures team (Jon, JJ, Al, Nick). Everyone in Sarteneja is really friendly, welcoming, and appreciate any small effort made to...

/ Mar 31, 2010

From Manchester to Mexico and Mangroves

by Christiana Hayward Leaving the cold, grey persistent drizzle of Manchester was not difficult; my flight to the States uneventful and then a few short flights and I landed in Cancun at about half nine at night. There was a...

/ Mar 30, 2010
Belize Staff do The Beatles

Blue Ventures in Belize

by Jon Slayer (written in February before the first Blue Ventures expedition) Belize has been a fantastic experience so far, JJ and I arrived mid-December and have been working non-stop to get an experience worthy of Blue Ventures ready for...

/ Mar 17, 2010