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What is Andavadoaka about?

by Daniella Sachs. As I sit on the porch writing this, the almost full moon casts it light on the waves crashing gently on the shore in front of the hut. In the background I can hear the vibrant Gasy...

/ Feb 25, 2010

King of the Barbie!

By Steve Richards. Thursday brings us to another blog day and to the end of the fourth of the strange 6 day weeks we operate on here...

/ Feb 25, 2010

An Adventure-Filled Journey to Andavadoaka

By Daniella Sachs. Writing in retrospect is not advisable on trips such as these as each day is filled with an overwhelming amount of new sights, sounds and experiences...

/ Feb 17, 2010

The Little Things in life…

By Rebecca Karpul When my friends and family said that when you get back you are going to appreciate the smallest things, I don't think they realized how small...

/ Dec 30, 2009

A Medical Elective in Andavadoaka

By Ariane Waran Liz and I arrived at Coco Beach at the beginning of September, ready to undertake our medical elective and join up with Blue Ventures FISA project.

/ Dec 30, 2009

Andavadoaka Theatre

By Liz So Ariane and I have one day left here in Andavadoaka, I can’t really believe it. Time here is a bizarre phenomenon, it goes quickly but you feel like you have been here for ages!

/ Oct 16, 2009

Identifying the Ocean

by Max Appelman. I’ve dived before. I’ve snorkelled dozens of times in the beautiful reefs of the Caribbean, lush with corals and schools of fish.

/ Sep 9, 2009

The summer of a lifetime

By Nell Bennett A normal afternoon lazing around in Andava.- I am to be found lying on the white sand of half moon beach, reminiscing on the mornings dive.

/ Jul 21, 2009

Expedition diary of Olivia Poller, age 13

By Olivia Poller My name’s Olivia Poller, I’m 13 years of age and from Australia. Recently Mum and Dad decided to go on an adventurous holiday to Madagascar, dragging my brother and myself along with them.

/ Jun 23, 2009

From the Antipodes to Andavadoaka

By Liz Poller We are almost into the last week of our expedition and I am starting to feel sad that we have to leave this paradise. For me the trip to Andavadoaka has been the best experience I have...

/ Jun 23, 2009

Madagascar, Expedition 46, Greetings from Andavadoaka!

The Blue Ventures expeditions to Madagascar are back in operation, thankfully, after several months of disruption. The first blog by the first group of volunteers to visit Andavadoaka Since January...

/ May 27, 2009

Rain, rain go away…

By Angela Walker Greetings from Andava’s sun drenched beautiful beaches and turquoise waters! Firstly, just to let you all know, we are all fine and well and are in a safe place here, away from any political troubles there have...

/ Feb 9, 2009

Alefa! The Verbal High Five

By Camilla de Coverly Veale Well it is nearing week 3 of expedition 43, a very small group, only 9! Which has its pros and cons. The days pass in a whirr, mostly focused around meal times. Our huts are...

/ Jan 20, 2009

Hot water

From Iain Matthews Just as the Greeks sat silently until nightfall in the belly of a horse-faced statue, we similarly wait. Looking for a sign to prompt a nighttime evacuation to the inky seas in the hope of witnessing one...

/ Dec 2, 2008

Axelle and the Zenga Foti

By Axelle, Expedition Manager in Andava I arrived on the 1st of August to take the role of Expedition Manager. I must say that the last two months were full on, and I struggled to know what to tell my...

/ Oct 9, 2008