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A day in Mukut

by Jane Westermann. Mukut certainly has an air of civic pride. Apart from the sparklingly pristine rivers, we also enjoyed wandering through the village admiring the flowering hedges surrounding villagers’ properties...

/ Jan 29, 2010

The Little Things in life…

By Rebecca Karpul When my friends and family said that when you get back you are going to appreciate the smallest things, I don't think they realized how small...

/ Dec 30, 2009

A Medical Elective in Andavadoaka

By Ariane Waran Liz and I arrived at Coco Beach at the beginning of September, ready to undertake our medical elective and join up with Blue Ventures FISA project.

/ Dec 30, 2009

El Squid Tango

by Núria Forns Willem, Jane, Roger and I have been in Tioman for 20 days now. As we’ve been regularly doing since we got here, this morning we got on the bum boat and headed out for a couple of...

/ Oct 22, 2009

Notes from the Island

by Roger Vaughan I got here to Tioman Island, just off the east coast of peninsular Malaysia, about a week ago.  My routine goes like this: up at 7am, swim in the warm clear water, 8am breakfast in the restaurant next...

/ Oct 21, 2009

Andavadoaka Theatre

By Liz So Ariane and I have one day left here in Andavadoaka, I can’t really believe it. Time here is a bizarre phenomenon, it goes quickly but you feel like you have been here for ages!

/ Oct 16, 2009

Identifying the Ocean

by Max Appelman. I’ve dived before. I’ve snorkelled dozens of times in the beautiful reefs of the Caribbean, lush with corals and schools of fish.

/ Sep 9, 2009

Do you wear shorts on your head?

By Tomas Essl. After the torture of the jungle trek at Juara first of all the entire team had to relax again. For that Friday a BBQ and a hat party were scheduled.

/ Aug 13, 2009

Welcome to the Tioman jungle!

By Sabine Our 3rd week of the expedition was very exciting and we got to explore a bit more of Tioman island

/ Aug 3, 2009

Underwater greetings

By Stefanie Menashe. The first evening we sat around in the restaurant hoping for the best; firstly that the food was edible and secondly that the group would be ok. We soon found out how lucky we were; the food...

/ Jul 22, 2009

Diving in the dark

By Kate Rowbury After a rather long overnight trip from Kuala Lumpur to Mersing, involving an entirely unsuccessful attempt at getting some sleep on the beach I made it onto the ferry across to Tioman and arrived on the island...

/ Jul 22, 2009

The summer of a lifetime

By Nell Bennett A normal afternoon lazing around in Andava.- I am to be found lying on the white sand of half moon beach, reminiscing on the mornings dive.

/ Jul 21, 2009

Tioman redundancy retreat

By Jamie Hunt Having been made redundant after 12 years working for a certain UK bank, I was determined to have an experience with my enforced time off that would allow me to clear my head and move on into...

/ Jul 10, 2009

Selamat petang!

By Elise Schultheis I can’t believe it’s already my last day on the island! Four weeks on Tioman have gone by so fast! There’s no way I’ll be able to sum up all of the unforgettable adventures I’ve had in...

/ Jun 29, 2009

Blue Ventures Malaysia reef clean up program

Blue Ventures Malaysia reef clean up program mentioned on greenfin marine park website

/ Jun 23, 2009