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Sleeping under the stars

From our new Field Scientist, Nikkita Lawson Humpback whale season in the region has officially started! 17 whales were spotted by two lucky volunteers – Ali and Roger – during their shift on our whale watching platform. We even watched...

/ Aug 5, 2008

My Last weekend in Andavadoaka

From Rebecca Hill, Expedition Medic. What a way to leave Andava! It has been an action packed weekend, starting with the second STI awareness drama competition so far. Up until Saturday, one group from the village had submitted their entry,...

/ Aug 4, 2008


From Oliver Houston Last week the entire group of staff and volunteers from Blue Ventures were invited to attend a fomba in the nearby village of Ambalarao. A fomba is where people who contain the spirits of ancestors release those...

/ Jul 31, 2008

Whales, octopus and pirogues

My third week in Andavadoaka (as seen by Kelsey Johnston) This week started pretty typically: 6am boat marshalling on Monday followed by two awesome dives (yay!), English teaching on Tuesday evening, a film on Wednesday night and a good dose...

/ Jul 22, 2008

Vao vao from Andavadoaka

by Sage Adams So much is going on here in Andavadoaka, I thought I would write a little about all that is happening. New volunteers Allison, Anne and Jeremiah arrived a few days ago and have begun diving as of...

/ Jun 11, 2008

Club Alo Alo Play

On the 9th September 2007 the members of Andavadoaka’s ‘Club Alo Alo’ conservation youth group put on a play about the effects of over-fishing on the local coral reefs and fish populations, and the effectiveness of MPAs (marine protected areas)...

/ Oct 2, 2007

Blue Ventures launches new shark monitoring programme

Blue Ventures today announced the launch of a new project that will monitor and protect threatened populations of shark. The three-year project, funded in part by the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund and the Project Aware Foundation, will monitor...

/ Nov 6, 2006

Clean up your act

Plans are currently underway for a beach clean up following the success of the last one in June, 2005.

/ Oct 12, 2005