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Geo for Good: from Ambanja to Sunnyvale

Zo Andriamahenina left northwest Madagascar for Sunnyvale, California, to attend Google’s Geo for Good User Summit and learn more about how Google’s tools can help with natural resource management.

/ Dec 6, 2018
Lalao mangrove

Experiencing Europe: Attending the Student Conference on Conservation Science

by Lalao Aigrette, Senior Blue Carbon Scientist, Toliara – Madagascar The purpose of my first ever visit to Europe was to attend the fifteenth Student Conference on Conservation Science (SCCS) in Cambridge, UK from March 25th to April 2nd. The...

/ May 19, 2014

Greetings from the Pacific Northwest

by Trevor Jones, Geospatial Analyst & Manager – Blue Carbon Science, Vancouver Update from Blue Ventures’ newest branch in Vancouver, Canada. Greetings from the Pacific Northwest! After two exciting and fruitful years in Madagascar, I have moved to Vancouver, Canada to...

/ Feb 6, 2014

The Geo for Good Summit: putting cutting edge mapping technologies in the hands of non-profits

By Trevor Jones, Geospatial Analyst & Manager, Blue Carbon Science, Vancouver What happens when you spend a week with representatives from dozens of non-profits, educational institutions and research institutes learning about recent advances in mapping tools and technologies at the...

/ Jan 30, 2014

Blue forests: progress made and looking forward

By Trevor Jones, Geospatial Analyst and Manager, Vancouver If someone had told me three years ago that I would come to work in Madagascar’s mangrove forests, I wouldn’t have believed them. Fast forward to July 2011 and I found myself commencing...

/ Aug 19, 2013

Blue carbon in Abu Dhabi

by Trevor Jones, Remote Sensing Scientist, Madagascar Lalao Aigrette, fellow BV Blue Forests colleague, and I recently spent a fascinating two weeks in the western coast of the Arabian Gulf. We were participating in the initial research of the Abu...

/ Mar 27, 2013