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Dedy is the Conservation Officer in Timor-Leste, having originally started his journey with Blue Ventures as an Admin and Operational Assistant. He is passionate about creating a future for conservation in his home country of Timor-Leste and supporting local communities to take ownership of conservation.

Hau nia jornada hahuu husi Asistente administrasaun to ba Conservation Officer

Ola futuru konservasaun sira, Ida ne’e hanesan jornada husi hau-nia servisu hamutuk ho Blue Ventures iha Timor-Leste.  Iha Tinan 2018, hau hare’e oportunidade servisu ne’ebe oferese husi Blue Venturse kona-ba serbisu Administrasaun ninian no hau hanoin katak hau bele hala’o...

/ Jul 14, 2020