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Our work in Belize encompasses scientific research at the Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve as part of our award-winning expeditions, and community-based efforts to combat the threat of lionfish to local reefs by stimulating new markets for this invasive species.


Paradise lost: my final few days in Belize

by Colin Engel, Blue Ventures volunteer, Belize Monday 7 May This is the day we pack up camp and leave. The first boat took the early birds back at dawn to Sarteneja, leaving half of us some further hours to...

/ May 25, 2012

Setting up and diving down

by Chris Miller, Blue Ventures volunteer, Belize We are two weeks into our expedition here in Belize and so far have already experienced one of the best celebrations in Sarteneja – the Easter Regatta. To celebrate the regatta we had...

/ Apr 18, 2012
Manatee Rehab at Wildtracks (4)-1

Starting out in Sarteneja

By Casey Lewis, Blue Ventures volunteer, Belize I arrived in Sarteneja, Belize a little after 5pm – just in time to watch the sunset creep over the small town. Sarteneja is right by the ocean with beautiful views of the...

/ Jan 10, 2012

A walk to Rocky Point

by Ana Maria, Blue Ventures volunteer, Belize We were not able to dive on Saturday (26th Nov) due to high waves and a strong current, so we went for a walk along the beach north to Rocky Point where the...

/ Dec 13, 2011

Discovering new depths…

By Colin Engel, Blue Ventures volunteer, Belize Taking part in a conservation expedition, such as those run by Blue Ventures in Belize, offers a wide variety of challenges and rewards. Volunteers will have expectations of the expedition and of themselves, together...

/ Dec 8, 2011

Team bonding in tropical seas

By Colin Engel, Blue Ventures volunteer, Belize It had taken me a few days to settle into the basics of camp life during the previous week, so this week was for me one of beginning to challenge myself in ways...

/ Nov 1, 2011

Time flies when you’re having fun!

By Sabine, Blue Ventures volunteer, Belize Week one of our expedition was pretty exciting; arriving in Sarteneja, moving in with my Belizean host family, getting to know all the other volunteers and staff members, as well as absorbing new scientific...

/ Oct 12, 2011

Your own idyllic island

By Jon Bailey, Blue Ventures volunteer medic, Belize Expedition 12, Bacalar Chico Dive Camp (BCDC). The camp has seen a number of upgrades and repairs, but as of the start of this week, camp life has returned to normal, and...

/ Sep 20, 2011
Classroom upgrade

BCDC magic

The steady breeze from the Carribean Sea is blowing in a few changes here at Bacalar Chico Dive Camp (BCDC). Since last year when we started here, on the far northern coast of Belize, our accommodation has been provided by...

/ Sep 13, 2011
Manatee rehab at Wildtracks

A truly Belizean experience

By Rachel Murphy, Blue Ventures volunteer, Belize Even at 4.30am as we walk through the village the air is hot and humid. An occasional startled dog starts barking enthusiastically in a bid to warn off intruders, breaking the otherwise silent...

/ Sep 13, 2011
Rickard Yngwe april2006,064-1

Check my gear. Check my air. Check my buddy.

By Roger Vaughn, Blue Ventures volunteer, Belize Check my gear. Check my air. Check my buddy.  DIVERS ON THE SIDE….3…2…1…ROLL IN OK the boat, check the time, OK my buddy, and descend. This sequence commences every dive here at Bacalar Chico...

/ Aug 25, 2011
Protected species of Belizean waters

Blue Ventures Belize; so much more than a diving expedition

By Laura Brodie, Blue Ventures volunteer, Belize My Belize adventure started in the quiet fishing village of Sarteneja. Having travelled from London via Cancun, Playa de Carmen, Chetumal and Corozal, I was pleased to have reached my final destination. As soon...

/ Aug 24, 2011
unbelizeable dolphins

Marine mammal heaven

By Jennifer Chapman, Field Scientist, Belize Here in Belize we are lucky enough to see dolphins fairly frequently from our boat and the jetty at dive camp. Last year, sightings consisted of mostly bottlenose dolphins throughout the seasons, with occasional...

/ Aug 23, 2011

Science Schooling

A poem by Naomi Lucas, Blue Ventures Medic, Sarteneja, Belize   Welcome to the Benthic Test A sea of colours, shapes and crests Urchins, sponges, coral and algae Tunicates, ‘trolls hair’ and the cowrie   Starting with soft coral whips...

/ Jun 27, 2011

Getting to know Belize

By Joe Armstrong, Blue Ventures Volunteer, Sarteneja, Belize Sarteneja As a group we spent a week in Sarteneja staying with local host families. My host family was amazing and the food was incredible! Everyone else seemed to be having similar...

/ Jun 6, 2011