It was really like a family reunion; we are far from each other, but there is something that unites us.” – Aimé Safidy Safidinjanahary, Community Health Programme Coordinator in Maintirano and the Barren Isles

The Madagascar Team Conference in October 2019 saw Blue Ventures’ largest gathering of staff to date. For three days, almost 200 staff from across Madagascar, the UK and Timor-Leste, as well as members of partner organisations and community associations, descended upon the city of Antsirabe to share ideas, learn from each other and most importantly, reinforce our mission. Skippers, programme coordinators, drivers, blue carbon scientists and everyone in between, were united by one thing: a desire to learn.

The schedule was packed with workshops and talks, where team members were invited to share their experiences of working with Blue Ventures. The goal of the conference was outlined as ‘sharing learning and building capacity through exchange’, and special ‘Market Place’ sessions were central to this effort, giving teams the opportunity to promote their work to their colleagues through informal chats, posters and videos. These interactive sessions proved particularly inspiring, as staff were able to learn about certain work areas that they may not have known about before. 

I never imagined you could grow seaweed! When I visited the southwest team’s stand during the Market Place session, I learned a lot about this project.” – Florent Marolahy, skipper in the Bay of Mahajamba

As an organisation that has grown very rapidly in recent years, the conference was also a crucial moment to make sure that everyone felt united as one team. Our reach is constantly expanding; we’re working with 31 partners to scale up the community-led conservation approach in 11 countries, and our talented staff now sits at around 250-strong. Bringing unity across such a diverse team of people is no mean feat, not to mention the challenges of busy field schedules, opposite time zones and poor internet connection!

Whilst there is never an easy solution, the conference seemed to do the job. It provided a unique opportunity to debate the new Blue Ventures mission strategy, which helped dispersed teams understand how their work fits into the global strategy (and will be available publicly in the coming weeks). It also offered time, space and most importantly face-to-face interaction, so that staff could forge connections and recognise their shared values. To embody these connections, the team devised the Yarn Game in which people split up into small groups and formed circles, passing a ball of yarn to someone they had learned something from. The process created a symbolic web of yarn, which, as Aimé said, “materialised our cohesion, with all the threads that connect us. It was an excellent animation on the sharing of experiences and it gave value to each person. I’ll definitely use this game in future!” 

Exercises like the Yarn Game not only reinforced our unity as an organisation internally, but also reflected how we carry out our programmes, as Fenitra Rasoloharimanana, the Community Health Coordinator in Andavadoaka said, “One of BV’s core values is to have diverse and inclusive teams, where each person can make their voice heard and have an influence. It is also the basis of our work with communities: listening.”

“I was impressed by the gathering of the Blue Ventures teams. It gave greater meaning to the conference theme, ‘sharing knowledge and learning’.” – Mr Tiana Randriambola, Director of Fisheries Management and Development, Representative for the Aquaculture and Fisheries Ministry

Whilst the conference was busy with workshops, talks and activities, for many it was the mere presence of so many colleagues and partners that made the biggest impact. For the President of the Velondriake Association in Andavadoaka, Richard Badouraly – who was one of several instrumental people who worked with Blue Ventures to set up the country’s first locally managed marine area, Velondriake, in 2006 – it was an emotional moment: “It brings me a great sense of pride to see people from southwest Madagascar talking to those from the north, talking to others who are working in countries across the world. We took a chance in working with Blue Ventures, trying the temporary octopus fishery closures in Andavadoaka, and now there are communities like us across the world managing their own resources, promoting new livelihood alternatives and rebuilding their fisheries.”

Mrs Soazafy, the President of the Education Commission of the Miramientagna Federation and Volunteer Facilitator for Club Mangrove in Ambalahonko (Ambanja district), travelled for three days to attend the conference. Yet, it seems the arduous journey was worth it; “I was really happy to meet other people like myself who had come from other regions. Sometimes I sit at home and think about those moments. I will never forget them.” It seems the whole event was a memorable experience for all!

Although the lively group dinners where a highlight for many, it was the three-day football tournament that turned out to be the most successful team-building activity of the whole event; whether playing or cheering from the sidelines, all took part in some very healthy competition. On the last night, there was a chance to dance and sing, as each team from the Madagascar sites performed their newly composed songs.

Everyone was dancing and the songs were about our work with communities, about all aspects of that work, in relation to community life. It was beautiful.” – Jaona ‘John’ Ravelonjatovo, Blue Carbon Science Manager in Antanarivo

With new friends and bonds forged, and the sound of traditional tunes ringing in their ears, the teams departed from Antsirabe with a united sense of what Blue Ventures’ philosophy is all about – working as a global family that talks, laughs, sings, dances and debates our way to achieving our mission.

To get a taste of Blue Ventures’ team spirit, watch our music video. This catchy song was written and produced by Blue Ventures staff and created in true Malagasy style a big thanks to the Ambanja team for producing this!

Posted by Kerensa Keevill

Kerensa joined Blue Ventures in January 2020 as the Digital Communications Officer and supports our national and international teams to tell the stories of Blue Ventures’ work. She coordinates all of Blue Ventures' digital outputs, including the blog, social media and photo stories.

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  1. Dr Hubert Messing Jane Messing Feb 5, 2020 at 4:40 pm

    Dear Blue Ventures
    My husband Hubert and I first heard about Andavadoaka in 2005 when Hubert was looking for a sabbatical from a 30year stint as a GP in a small market town in Wales. He was very keen to dive and applied for the Medical job for 6 weeks in March/April 2006. In those days there was no mobile phone coverage, no hospital etc etc. We travelled with the volunteer group from Toliara on the boat overnight and the next day, having walked over the very muddy beach at low tide with our cases. Our food on the journey consisted of a large pile of pizzas which were doled out throughout the journey. It was a great introduction to the heat, lack of water, diet and toilets which we found at the village.
    Needless to say, Hubert and I enjoyed immensely every minute of our 8 week stay and never stopped thinking about Blue Ventures and everyone concerned. [I even had my 60th birthday there and became an official old aged pensioner]
    We so much enjoyed it, that we applied again 4years later in 2010. Things in the village had moved along considerably……. mobile phones, hospital, more water and even the food had improved! We also travelled from Toliara by the big truck with all the mattresses flung in the back.
    I read all the posts and marvel at how much you have done since then. During our first visit we had the celebratory end of the first no-take period and it was amazing how effective it was and how everyone was so thrilled.
    At the end of the second visit, the sea weed beds were just being set up and what a marvellous progession that has made.
    We look back with gratitude and happy memories that YOU have given us and wish you all the very best that life can give you.
    With love and our very best wishes
    Dr Hubert and Jane MESSING
    PS…. I’m afraid my typing is very slow and I would like to have said more but I need a cup of tea !!


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