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Agatha joined Blue Ventures in April 2018 as the fisheries partner support technician for Kenya. Her role is to identify partner organisations in Kenya and East Africa and provide technical support and guidance to them them on fisheries monitoring and management.

The African Community Conservation Forum 2023: power, money, and partnerships

In a remarkable gathering of minds and voices organised by Blue Ventures and Maliasili, the first-ever African Community Conservation Forum brought together African Civil Society Organizations, international NGOs, and donors to harness the power of collective knowledge and experiences to...

/ Oct 11, 2023

The community perspective: how COVID-19 is impacting the lives of coastal people in Kenya

Through frequent phone calls, Agatha Ogada, Blue Ventures' Partner Support Technician in Kenya, has been learning what the COVID-19 pandemic means for coastal communities in Kwale County

/ Jun 2, 2020

We found our voice: Pate Island community’s journey in marine conservation

For Pate Island community members celebrating the first octopus fishery closures in Kenya, local fishery management has meant much more than just improving catches

/ Jan 29, 2020