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Cecile is a Swiss native and studied Anthropology and Sociology at the University of Neuchatel. With her MA in Human and Social Sciences in her pocket, in 2006 she took to the road - first through the mountains of Bosnia & Herzegovina and then Vietnam, where she worked on eco-tourism projects. She continued on her way to the Philippines, where she got involved in fisheries community management projects with different organisations in 2012-2013. She joined Blue Ventures in August 2014 to lead the process of creating a marine protected area around the Barren Isles, and is based in Maintirano.

Mandeha magnarato: a weekend fishing in Nosy Marify, Barren Isles

by Cecile Fattebert, Barren Isles Conservation Officer, Madagascar This summer I set foot in Madagascar for the first time in order to work with Blue Ventures, where we’re moving towards creating Madagascar’s largest protected area and the Indian Ocean’s largest community-run marine...

/ Oct 14, 2014