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Daniel is currently developing a long-term octopus fishery monitoring dataset as part of his applied oceanography doctorate at the University of Toliara / Institut Halieutique et des Sciences Marines. He has studied the Octopus cyanea fishery in southwest Madagascar since 2005 and conducted a groundbreaking study of O. cyanea for his DEA research that led to the decision by the Government of Madagascar to implement yearly octopus fishery closures. Daniel has been working with BV since 2006, and as such plays a crucial role in many areas of Blue Ventures' community outreach, having been closely involved in the development of all conservation programmes within the Velondriake area. He is responsible for facilitating community meetings and coordinating octopus fishery closure schedules. Daniel also co-led community training sessions in Rodrigues (Mauritius) which led to the creation of a national temporary octopus closure based on the Velondriake model.

Studying octopus in southwest Madagascar

By Daniel Raberinary, Community Conservation Coordinator, Madagascar My name is Daniel Raberinary, I come from Majunga, Madagascar, and studied at the Marine Biology Institute at the University of Toliara (IHSM). I finished my masters degree in 2008, which was about octopus reproduction...

/ Jan 11, 2013