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Jenny joined our Timor-Leste team as a Field Scientist at the start of 2017, primarily working with international and local volunteers to conduct reef and seagrass monitoring. Since then, her role has changed to Conservation Officer, which involves additional work with the local community and Blue Ventures’ conservation projects on Atauro Island.

The CFM group | Photo: Jenny House

Using fisheries monitoring as a tool for empowering women in Timor-Leste

Community-based monitoring groups in Timor-Leste are collecting fisheries data and raising women's voices in discussions about marine resource management.

/ Oct 25, 2018

Fiar-an, La’o ba oin: the women of Ataúro Homestay Association are moving forward

A learning exchange with Agora Food Studio has led to a greater confidence and engagement in cooking for Ataúro Island’s homestay hosts.

/ Jun 28, 2018