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A native of the Netherlands, Marc grew up in France and then went on to pursue a BA in Latin American Studies/Marine Affairs & Policy and an MS in Coastal Zone Management at the University of Miami, Florida. During his time in the U.S., he travelled extensively throughout Latin America both for research and pleasure. He has conducted ethnographic research in coastal communities in Ecuador and Panama, and focused his Masters thesis on understanding the political ecology of waste management in an indigenous Guna community in the San Blas Archipelago of Panama. These diverse social science field experiences are complemented by his background in community outreach and education, as he has worked the last three years for a community arts NGO that he set up with a friend. Their work applied his interests in using the arts as a tool for promoting empathy and collaboration among people of all backgrounds. He has admired Blue Ventures’ human-centred approach to conservation for many years, and is eager to apply his skills and experiences to their capacity building programs in Sarteneja. Supporting coastal livelihoods whilst helping build a foundation for sustainable marine resource use across Belize.

Belioness: 15 women, seven communities, four languages, one vision

The Belioness lionfish jewelry group gather from across Belize to develop a shared vision for their social enterprise; United women, empowered communities, and a healthy, beautiful reef.

/ Aug 10, 2016

Belief in the Reef!

[avatar user=”marc” size=”thumbnail” align=”left” link=”” target=”_blank” /] by Marc Fruitema, Community Officer, Belize As we squeezed ourselves under the narrow roof of a snack tent, sheltering from the fifth squall to disrupt the fair that day, our spirits and energy were...

/ Jun 15, 2015