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Martin leads our Digital team ensuring that digital technology is used to make our work as efficient and productive as possible. He is proud help our team communicate our mission, stories and impact at multiple scales from community to international audiences. He has a PhD in climate change adaptation and conservation policy, and before BV ran a small digital agency. He has been lucky enough to complete expeditions and research all over the world from his native Scotland to Indonesia, Gambia, Ecuador and beyond.

From Ataúro to Raja Ampat: a homestay adventure

Homestays offer a way for coastal communities to diversify and strengthen alternative livelihoods, providing a clear and measurable link between protecting the environment and the economic benefits that tourism can bring.

/ Mar 1, 2017

Welcome to Timor-Leste!

I’m in Timor-Leste to collect images and video of our new base and to help get Greg up to speed with all things Blue Ventures. He’s only been in his new role for 2 weeks and is already up to...

/ Jan 12, 2016