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Meira worked for BV as a field scientist in Belize having previously volunteered on one of our Madagascar expeditions. From her enviable travel experiences, she began her early professional career as a dive master in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Through her experiences, Meira loves working in new places and discovering new cultures - and is an adventurer at heart. Having completed her BSc in Ecology and Conservation from James Cook University in Cairns, Meira is passionate about the environment and community development.

In the making: the future biologists of Belize

by Winnie Courtene-Jones and Meira Mizrahi, Field Scientists, Belize  Throughout this academic year, Blue Ventures’ staff team has again been working closely with the natural resource management classes at the Centro Escolar Mexico Junior College (CEMJC). This enthusiastic group of students...

/ Aug 13, 2014

On the lionfish warpath with BV’s inaugural lionfish expedition!

by Meira Mizrahi, Field Scientist, Belize The start of a new expedition is always exciting; new surveys and sights, the anticipation of getting back to Bacalar Chico and into the beautiful Belizean waters, and the fresh and enthusiastic energy that...

/ Jun 23, 2014