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Rado is responsible for our tortoise, fin fish, shark and turtle monitoring programmes, and supervising octopus landing data collection in Velondriake. In his spare time, he takes volunteers diving and helps with fish and benthic training. Rado has a Masters degree in oceanology from the University of Toliara, and in early 2013 started work as an EDGE Fellow, focusing on the EDGE-listed coral species Horastrea indica.

Playing hide and seek with tortoises

by Rado Lebely, Terrestrial & Fisheries Scientist, Madagascar After six very long months of tortoise hibernation, the Blue Ventures tortoise monitoring team was more than ready to see how abundant the spider tortoises (Pyxis arachnoides) are in the rainy season. We...

/ Mar 28, 2013

The most beautiful adventure: My first trip beyond Madagascar

by Rado Lebely, Terrestrial & Fisheries Scientist and EDGE Fellowship winner, Madagascar Who would think that I’ve never been outside of Madagascar, never travelled by plane and never seen an international airport? This reality changed when I was accepted to join...

/ Feb 13, 2013