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Shawn was our Madagascar country director from 2012 until 2014. Before this, he coordinated our marine conservation programmes in Velondriake, Belo sur Mer and Maintirano for three years. He first came to Madagascar as a Peace Corps volunteer in 2005, working in the remote coastal village of Antsanitia near Mahajunga on agricultural development and public health.

Tsy veloma fa mandra-pihaona! (It’s not goodbye, but see you next time!)

By Shawn Peabody, Former Country Director, Madagascar It took me 30 hours to get to Andavadoaka the second time I went there. I took the octopus truck – and I was lucky in that I got a seat at the...

/ Feb 27, 2014

Fisher exchanges to change fisheries

by Shawn Peabody, Country Director, Madagascar Examples of coastal communities coming together to take on overfishing and reduce destructive fishing aren’t too hard to find. In nearly every region there are good examples of these “positive deviants”, as the literature...

/ Jul 1, 2013
Shawn with BV staff in Belo-sur-mer

Staff Q&A with Shawn Peabody, Madagascar Country Director

In the second instalment in our series of Q&As with Blue Ventures staff, we ask Shawn Peabody, our Madagascar Country Director, some searching questions about science, conservation and superpowers… What is your scientific background? I have a BSc from the...

/ May 1, 2013

Finding Nemo… and some Kenyan inspiration as well.

By Shawn Peabody, Locally Managed Marine Area Coordinator, Toliara – Madagascar I didn’t know that clown fish could be so cocky, at least not outside their protective sea anemone. If I were a clown fish, I would be cocky only...

/ Dec 14, 2011