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Tinah undertook Animal Biology Conservation and Ecology courses at the University of Antananarivo before moving to Toliara in 2011 for further education focusing on Marine Protected Areas Management at the Fisheries and Marine Science Institute (Institut Halieutique et des Sciences Marines – IHSM). Following this she undertook research on coral reef fish larvae abundance and diversity while working on an aquaculture development project at the IHSM; the project allowed Tinah to develop strong relationships with the fishermen in Sarodrano during a trial to improve their livelihoods. She has built a strong interest in fisheries and aquaculture during her education and professional career and is very happy to be part of the Blue Ventures family, having undertaken some data entry work with BV over the past few years. Tinah started working for the sustainable fisheries programme in August 2014 where her work focuses on supporting fisheries management in the southwest of Madagascar – providing technical guidance within a community of stakeholders and assisting the Sustainable Fisheries Programme Manager.

From Madagascar to Mexico: shared experience, stronger fisheries

Whether you call it pulpo, horita or octopus, community exchanges help build stronger fisheries and new perspectives for coastal communities.

/ Jul 22, 2016

A little step for me…. One giant leap for octopus fisheries management

Not only was it my first time in the “Old Town”, the beautiful heart of Zanzibar’s Stone Town, where the labyrinth of alleyways transport you to another time, and the historical monuments and museums bear witness to the cultural and artistic...

/ Mar 3, 2015