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Winnie was a Field Scientist for BV in Belize, and has always had a fascination in the natural world and in marine life in particular. This passion increased once she learnt to dive and saw the huge diversity of marine species both in the UK and further afield. She completed a BSc Zoology and Animal Behaviour at the University of Wales, Bangor and gained a MRes (with distinction!) in Marine Biology at Plymouth University. During her studies she spent time in Florida researching manatee, and studying Lake Malawi cichlid fish in Africa.

Turning the tide on marine plastics

Let’s set the scene, we’re on a beautiful white sand beach, dotted with palm trees; a remote tropical paradise, miles away from human habitation. As the tide retreats what’s that left behind in the strandline? Intermixed with the usual bits...

/ Mar 27, 2015

Spreading the word about lionfish!

By Winnie Courtene-Jones, Field Scientist, Belize Since their arrival in Belize in 2008, lionfish have dramatically increased in numbers and spread throughout the country’s waters, devastating the World Heritage listed Belize Barrier Reef. What better way than to help tackle...

/ Oct 10, 2014