Zebu: Malagache cow with impressive set of horns

Zebu cart: cart with rudimentary suspension and two zebu attached.

Zebu cart to the baobabs: obscure form of torture invented by staff for staff and volunteers.

It was something of an impromptu day off today, on account of the sea being too angry for diving and as a result that was preceded by an impromptu party night last night. There were a few people feeling in a party mood and much merriment was had round the dinner table. Unfortunately, for those who indulged, that made the bumpy, dusty ride to the baobabs in the blazing sun quite challenging.

The baobabs were astonishing, some had enormous shiny fractal pattern fungus growth on them, some had carvings of zebu, one had with a hive of wasps, and there was one supporting one side of the web of a golden orb spider. The web is so sturdy you can hang a pair of sunglasses off one strand.

Once the baobabs were mapped, in spite of the heat, we went for a wander to see a flock of flamingos. They looked pale and a little ordinary, but, when they decided we were too close, they took off and were all legs and wings, flashing pink and red. The sky was an intense deep blue complimenting the picturesque lake and surroundings and making the whole area on that never fails to deliver on the really really beautiful stuff.

The zebu must have been eating something good while they were waiting. We returned to Andavadoaka after lunch to the tune of bovine flatulence and flying cow poo.

The sea still looks a little soupy this afternoon, but the surf-like waves have subsided and with luck, and co-operation from the weather, we will be back in the water tomorrow. All the volunteers will be going to Laguna Blue (a nearby hotel) for lunch tomorrow. We will be having pizza and pasta (Cheese!!) so I predict sore bellies for tomorrow afternoon. Still, it will be worth it, you have never seen a group of people so excited at the idea of pizza.

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  1. Celia is enjoying herself so much she is trying to find a way to stay on longer. I think it shows in her reporting. But extending visas and changing flights are not always easy AK


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