by Jo Hudson, Science Intern, London

Dr Vik Mohan, Director of the Blue Ventures Sexual & Reproductive Health programme, joined John Williams  and David Lopez-Carr (both from the University of California)  to speak (via a live weblink) at the Woodrow Wilson Centre in Washington D.C on February 29th, 2012. The topic of discussion was ‘Hotspots: Population Growth in Areas of High Biodiversity’ and the speakers were promoting the idea that in order to better protect the world’s biodiversity, conservationists need to incorporate health & livelihood services into their schemes, to target growing populations nearby.

All three speakers spoke from first hand experience, and discussed the complex nature of conserving biodiversity where population growth rates are high.

For the full article on the event please click here

Posted by Jo Hudson

Jo helped to coordinate and support BV's conservation programmes, as well as coordinating communications across the organisation. Outside of BV Jo enjoys cooking, photography, being outdoors as much as possible and seeing as much of the world as she can while partaking in adrenaline fuelled activities.

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