So let’s talk about expedition 36

You may at times have felt it a bit fixed
what with no viz, we’ve all been in a bit of a tizz
What with all the storms, we’ve all been a bit forlorn.

No diving today, that’s what we say!
we have ridden the storms together, so no more talk of the weather
But let’s talk about what you have done.

At moments you have completely shone
and for sure we will be sad to see you all gone

’cause your achievements have been very long.

We had a fantastic open day
when all the kids came out to play
the children got dunked and sucked on some air
they didn’t see fishes but they didn’t care.

Turtle racing was fun, and we put on a show
– even the president had a go.
Monsier Roger even joined in the fray
making Beck’s heart leap with his condom display.

Your posters were super, smashing, great
A real asset to the collection to date
The pirogue race will surely be remembered by all

Great strength was shown, i think you’ll agree we all had a ball.

Then onto the singing, our time in the spotlight
I hope we didn’t give the villagers too much of a fright.

Technical problems and hitches galore
But Bic’s presentation still wowed the floor
It was great, but we mustn’t forget
Expedition 36… isn’t over yet

Yet more bad weather, and more rain that fell
So off to Bevato, we all yell.
Up there we have mangroves and baobabs too,
but watch out for mosquitos when doing a poo!

Climbing up trees and traipsing through mud,

and even more mosquitos sucking your blood.

On our return, it’s like a new place.
No wind and good viz, and now a smile on your face.
Now three and a half kilometre square of belts
in only four days – watch our scientist’s hearts melt.

You have all been so great, so bask in your glory
when you regail to your friends expedition 36’s story.
And especially remember when talking of Andavadok
Explain about the fashion of wearing one sock.
So never forget your Vazaha foty foty
and always remember mampiasa kapoty!!!

* Editors note:
mampiasa kapoty” means “to use condoms”

Charlie (Field Scientist) and Becks (Expedition Medic)

Posted by Blue Ventures

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