The Velondriake Management Committee works hard to keep the community informed about its many conservation activities, and how these benefit the community.

In September 2011, Velondriake began producing a bi-monthly radio show in partnership with Blue Ventures, called Feom’Bezo (The Voice of the Vezo), sharing news from across its array of projects.

In episode 7, the radio show gets the community excited for the upcoming Teariake festival in Morombe.

Teariake (Love the Sea) is a new community conservation organisation, based just north of Velondriake, that the Velondriake Association has been helping to train during its beginning stages. Its new locally-managed marine reserve is in place, and the community is ready to celebrate!

Plus Joeline talks about the recent Saturday Schools activities, where the kids have been making art from beach rubbish, and Hery talks about what it means to be a new Junior Reporter, using film to inspire other youth to get involved in conservation.

Listen to or download the radio show podcasts here

Finally, Valerio, a young local musician and president of the Aloalo youth environmental club, talks about what motivates him and the other students in his music group to write songs about protecting the environment.

BV Scholar Profile – Valerio

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