We are proud to introduce Lily Mesnik, an amazing young woman from the USA. Several months ago Lily contacted us out the blue, and all under her own initiative, because she wanted to raise money for our conservation work in Madagascar. Since then she has been very busy organising bake sales and kickball tournaments – and from this she managed to raise a whopping $550! So a very large thank you, and congratulations to Lily for her amazing efforts – and we look forward to seeing what she achieves in the future – a marine conservationist in the making. 

Hi, I’m Lily Mesnik. I’m 12 years old and I live in Needham MA, USA. I love octopuses! Octopi are adorable, fascinating and awesome. I was looking for a charity to help the octopuses for my bat mitzvah project. We asked the New England Aquarium if they had any ideas and they told us about Blue Ventures.

Lily Mesnik busily making delicious cakes for her bake sale.

Lily Mesnik busily making delicious cakes for her bake sale.

I love the Blue Ventures project in Madagascar – it helps the people as well as the octopuses and the ecosystem. For my project I hosted a parent child kickball tournament, with all the money going to Blue Ventures. First I had to ask my friends and family to play. Then, we figured out that there would be 4 teams, with 4 adults and 4 kids on each team. The team names were the Octopuses, the Squids, the Cuttlefish and the Nautiluses. There were 2 games then a final. In the final, it ended up that me and my dad faced my mom and my sister. Unfortunately my mom and sister’s team won and got the prize. The prize was a gift card to a local frozen yogurt place and some passes to the New England Aquarium. These awards, along with a kickball, were generously donated by local businesses.


People enjoyed taking part in the kickball tournament

To raise extra money, I also baked cookies for a bake sale. I sold brownies, chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookies. The game was so awesome; my favorite part was seeing all my friends and family having fun. We raised $550. It was a big success!



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