You arrived on the camion all tired and weary
the hours of bumping making your eyes look all bleary
we can’t believe six weeks has passed
it really has gone so very fast
we hope you’ve had a blast and a ball
because the things you’ve done have been far from small

After your efforts, the beach was pristine
Compared to before it was a sight to be seen
Richard was here and Ruth was a bit stressed
But she needn’t have worried, he was more than impressed.

Someone brought vao vao, it was up there with the best
A fisherman in Lamboara had found a turtle nest
To be made into an omelette was to be the hatchling’s fate
but because of all you, they are now protected – which is “turtly” great!

Now onto Radoko’s favourite subject, which as you all know
is condoms/kapoty and putting on a show!

So then there was the play
what a marvelous ground-breaking day
You and me together in true camaradarie
all last minute, but you showed great bravery
delivered in a brilliant impressive style
even with the recent absence of Eamonn and Kyle

Thanks to you all for this momentous event
To Radoko you will never know how much it all meant
A ceremony in the village, and everyone went down
Tokagasy at lunchtime when the pseudo-environment minister came to town

Now as well as all these events that happened the last few weeks
A few fishy tales will be remembered as one of the peaks
we all had a laugh – it was a bit of a farce
especially Debbie’s great big white ****!
And Sam regaled us with a fantastic story
Which was in parts hilarious and in others a bit gory!
Tori & Vic sang us a great song
snapping the limelight, they could do no wrong.

Getting lots of science completed as well as having fun
you will be pleased to know that we got everything we needed done.

To Bevato some travelled in search of baobabs and mangroves
but we spent a great deal of time just
watching praying mantis and gekkos
Living on a prayer and summer of 69
At the tops of our voices, it all sounded fine?!
We mustn’t forget those that have already gone
and of course Ruth teaching us a song about a “guy called Ron?!?”

With all those handsome guys and pretty girls so fair
It is only right that there should be romance in the air
so now you’re heading off to Canada, Switzerland or Devon
But when you get back you will dream of Andava and expedition 37!!!!

By Charlie & Becks (Andava resident Poet Laureates)

Posted by Blue Ventures

Blue Ventures is an award winning marine conservation charity. We rebuild tropical fisheries with coastal communities. On our Beyond Conservation blog you can hear voices from the front line of marine conservation written by our staff and volunteers.

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