by Jo Hudson, Conservation & Research Assistant, London

OCEAN2012, Greenpeace, Birdlife International and Oceana have released an animation on overfishing. The animation also includes a reference to the role of fisheries subsidies. This video is to announce the start of European Fish Weeks on June 8th.

Overfishing is emptying the oceans of fish. This summer, European Fish Weeks is the opportunity to tell politicians to, “end overfishing or fishing will be over”. Politicians are responsible for making the decisions that will end overfishing; citizens have the responsibility to encourage and support them in making these decisions. European Fish Weeks is an opportunity to make your voice heard.

The theme of this year’s fish weeks is the Common Fisheries Policy reform, and how it is an opportunity to change how we fish, hopefully for the better.

  • For the European Fish Weeks web page click here
  • For more information on OCEAN2012 please click here

Posted by Jo Hudson

Jo helped to coordinate and support BV's conservation programmes, as well as coordinating communications across the organisation. Outside of BV Jo enjoys cooking, photography, being outdoors as much as possible and seeing as much of the world as she can while partaking in adrenaline fuelled activities.

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