Blue Ventures Loses it’s Short Holiday Cherry

Blue Ventures’ first foray into short diving holidays went without a hitch last week. The group of 12 enjoyed a weeks diving in the ecologically rich Red Sea off the coast of Dahab, also sampling the local cuisine and chilled...

/ Nov 8, 2005

Research memories from Andavadoaka

This is a message we received from Jon Galton, a student from Cambridge University who carried out research on Andavadoaka’s artisanal fishery for his undergraduate research dissertation. After finishing his studies, Jon was traveling in inland Madagascar, some 500 miles...

/ Nov 7, 2005

Show Your Support for Another Marine Conservation Cause

The Ocean Conservancy released a scientific report showing that even the remote Northwestern Hawaiian Islands are not immune from the dangers of overfishing. The report — based on government data — reveals that some key fish populations in the area...

/ Nov 4, 2005

Madagascar Hits the Airwaves

Yesterday BBC Radio 4 broadcast a radio-documentary about mining in Madagascar in their show Crossing Continents. We had mixed opinions about this show as you can see by checking their website and looking for comments by Richard Nimmo. If you...

/ Nov 4, 2005

It’s the Taking Part That Counts

On Sunday, Blue Ventures again put out both a men’s and a women’s football team to play against the Andavadoaka teams. There was a somewhat unsurprising outcome as both of our teams were beaten. They did however put on a...

/ Oct 26, 2005

Bye Bye Josephine

On 20th October those at the site said goodbye to social science research coordinator Joseohine Langley who has left Andavadoaka after 11 months. She single handedly building up the Blue Ventures social science research programme, which is now in the...

/ Oct 26, 2005

It’s All in the Bilo

On Wednesday 19th October Blue Ventures staff and volunteers took zebu carts on a 1 to 2 hour journey inland to the Maskoru village of Ankilimelinike where they particitpated in a Bilo ceremony. This was the penultimate day of a...

/ Oct 26, 2005

More Marine Action Plans

Following the blog about EU marine conservation strategy, we now have information about UN based strategy International scientists are making plans to create a network of marine parks in order to save the world’s oceans from fish stock depletion. This...

/ Oct 26, 2005

Strategy That Could Effect Us All

As dedicated marine conservationists, we always have our eyes peeled for a good and informative site. This is a goody that we’ve found about marine environmental strategy to be implimented to protect all EU marine waters. The strategy is different...

/ Oct 25, 2005

Camping Trip

Expedition members went on a camping trip to the Northern beaches where they enjoyed a joint celebration of 4 different expedition birthdays – Amelia, Charlie, Bex and Tracy. A great night was had by all, with a demonstration of wilderness...

/ Oct 19, 2005

Continuing Education

A record number of children attended the English teaching class last Wednesday – 66 pupils were in the beginners class where they werer taught how to say the time in English (first they had to be taught how to tell...

/ Oct 19, 2005

Life’s a Beach

On Saturday 15th with Blue Ventures staff and volunteers carried out a beach clean up of Andavadoaka beach. The event started at 3pm with the digging of a new burn pit in the north of the village. The site for...

/ Oct 19, 2005

That’ll Teach ‘Em

Continuing with local education, two volunteers have been helping out with French and Maths lessons in the Catholic Mission school.

/ Oct 13, 2005

It’s in Their Hands

A team from Blue Ventures and Wildlife Conservation Society have travelled to Nosy Ve to talk to the inhabitants about the idea of creating an octopus reserve and update them on recent decisions in Lamboara and Andavadoaka. It is greatly...

/ Oct 13, 2005

It Was This Big

Catch monitoring continues in Andavadoaka.

/ Oct 12, 2005