Four O’clock in the morning, the diving began,
Or would do when they found that young Marcellin.
The night dive was cool, full of bioluminescence, they saw parrotfish and wrasse, including some crescents.
At six O’clock science was required,
Despite the early dive leaving everyone tired.
Four fish belts each left them with their hands full,
A ternate chromis and a hiding jewel damsel.
Semi-circle angelfish and an axilspot hog,
Then to watch whales and write this for a blog.
“Will and Tom go to see whales, rock on!” in the book,
A pirogue to Nosy Hao, forty-five minutes it took.
They walked along the beach and climbed up the tower,
To coax the whales, they did all in their power.
An hour past with no sign of a whale,
In their quest they were about to fail.
At ten-fifty-one they spotted a splash,
A mighty humpback breached out with a crash,
A mother and a pup at eleven-thirty tom spied,
Now they could leave with a real sense of pride.
Time to head back, lunchtime was calling,
Tom made is down the tower, not quite falling.
Ater lunch with faint memories of breaching,
The time had come for English teaching.
Teaching those kids fills everyone with cheer,
But not half as much as some boc-boc and beer.
Another day gone, times moving fast,
The mornings dives a long time in the past.
As expedition thirty-two makes way for thirty-three,
We challenge you to out do us, with your poetry.

Posted by Blue Ventures

Blue Ventures is an award winning marine conservation charity. We rebuild tropical fisheries with coastal communities. On our Beyond Conservation blog you can hear voices from the front line of marine conservation written by our staff and volunteers.

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  1. Lovely poem. I really enjoyed the imagery. I spend too much time scavanging the internet for good poems or fun poems or pretty much any kind of poetry and this certainly caught my eye. Thanks for posting.


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