by Jo Hudson, Science Intern, London

Often it seems that poverty reduction and environmentalism are at loggerheads – as one is in direct competition with the other, often for space, funding and support. But a new report by Oxfam, published on Monday 13th February, states that this need not be the case. According to the paper’s author, Kate Raworth, poverty reduction and environmental protection must be tackled together as they are in fact tightly linked, “For too long environmental, social and economic concerns have been handled as separate issues but the rising global challenges of climate change, financial crises, food price volatility and commodity price increases show that these issues are unavoidably interconnected and must be tackled together,” says Raworth.

Oxfam has published the discussion paper ‘A Safe and Just Space for Humanity – Can We Live Within the Doughnut?’ as a contribution to the debate in the run-up to the UN conference on sustainable development (Rio+20) in June.

Here at Blue Ventures, this is also an important part of our work ethos; trying to conserve the marine environment while also helping to develop alternative income initiatives and protect coastal livelihoods. One example would be the creation of the Velondriake Locally Managed Marine Area (LMMA) – the largest Marine Protected Area (MPA) of its kind in the Indian Ocean and a model for community led conservation in the region. Hopefully with more press like this, sustainable development and environmental conservation can be seen as a partners in the future, not as separate options.

For the full Oxfam press release please use this link:

For the original report ‘A Safe and Just Space for Humanity – Can We Live Within the Doughnut? Please click here

For Kate Raworths blog on this paper use this link:

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