The skit night at the end of expedition 29 will be remembered by all that took part.

Maybe because they had a fun evening watching, or they had a fantastic time performing and sharing their memories of Blue Ventures with their expedition chums. Alternatively they just enjoyed the free ice-cream during the interval!
The “Skit Night” is an opportunity for people who have shared an experience to create and perform their own variety show special.
With out exception the members of Expedition 29 will always be special to the Radoko (Camp Medic) who orgainsed it! He will always be grateful that they shared their experiences with him.
Nosy Cao hall was transferred into a theatre. Dress rehearsal was quite mad!
The house lights went up… then dimmed… then up… then dimmed…
Unfortunately the generator hadn’t read the script!
The seats were arranged, then they re-arranged themselves as some seats didn’t like the seat they where supposed to sit next too!
The seats hadn’t read the seating plan!
The director was redirected elsewhere…
Finally opening night came and the audience filed in and took their seats and the Director was heard to plead “Oi- Bring those seats back!”.
The curtain opened, then the curtain called… “Has anyone seen my pirogue?”
The director called back in a deafening whisper “SSHuuushh..!”
A programme is available at the Box Office or the London office however I thought dear reader, you may enjoy a taste of the flavour.
The opening monologue from the Director was a triumph however it could never be the highlight.
The sciencists offered a rendition of “Give me a home amongst the staff huts!” with antipodean vigour, a tune which lives on and on.
This was followed by the Girls with a “Sea Cucumber in a box!” a musical masterpiece.
The midpoint was graced by Charlie, straight from the Edinburgh Festival as she sang us through her “Gap Year- Helping Children and ….!” a much needed class act!
“We Will Rock You!” with a local feel although without a Freddie brought the house down. Thank you for that!
Radoko’s shadow show was confusing to say the best.
Although the reasons why the Boys Band allegedly “Hated everybody” only proved to show they loved us all.
The finali was provided by the local staff with James on guitar. We had heard his talent around the campfire and he was hot this night!
They aimed for the moon and even though they may have missed, they all ended up amongst the Stars!
The skit night was an excellent finish to a great expedition. Everyone enjoyed themselves, and everybody worked hard to make it a success.
Although it provided great entertainment please don’t be fooled into believing the days in Andavadoake are not tiring, long and hard work.
They are, but they are worth it.
I hope to see you at the show.

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