By Cecilia Guerrero and Ineiri Muñoz.

What’s the best way to get kids interested in marine conservation? Make it colourful, messy and a lot of fun! Last August, 35 kids from Sarteneja village visited Blue Ventures’ office for a three-day art camp, where they also got to learn about marine conservation efforts in Belize.

The focus on day one was laying the foundations for the next few days. With the help of our Community Officers Darling Ortega, Ineiri Muñoz, Bairon Flores and Romeldo Catzim, everyone learnt about primary, secondary and tertiary colors, and the color wheel –  fundamental knowledge for any art project.

Our Science Coordinator Tyrell Reyes then explained to the kids how invasive lionfish are threatening the Belize barrier reef, and what the community of Sarteneja are doing to manage this invasion.

During the second day, our Community Officers showed the kids how to make beautiful lanterns from wax paper and lollipop sticks, and explained to them that these lanterns were going to be used as decorations during a special lionfish dinner at Nerie’s Restaurant in Belize City. This dinner was organised by Blue Ventures as part of a social marketing campaign to help promote Belize’s nascent lionfishery, and encourage people to #EatDaLion.

When the kids learnt that their artistic creations would be displayed at this special occasion, they began making their lanterns enthusiastically, decorating them with many different marine conservation themes.

On the third and final day of the camp, the kids finished making their lanterns and the fast workers created some other marine decorations too. Overall the art camp was a great success. All the kids enjoyed themselves, and on top of that they learned many new things about lionfish and marine conservation in Belize. The Blue Ventures team had a great time too!

The lanterns on display at the lionfish dinner in Nerie’s Restaurant, Belize City.

The lanterns on display at the lionfish dinner in Nerie’s Restaurant, Belize City.

We would like to thank The Summit Foundation and New England Biolabs Foundation for supporting our lionfish outreach and social marketing efforts, and Ms. Neri from Greenwoods Store in Sarteneja for her generous contribution to the art camp.

Discover the role of conservation volunteers in the detection monitoring and management of invasive lionfish in Belize, or get involved and become a volunteer yourself!


Posted by Cecilia Guerrero

Cecilia joined our Belize team in 2017 as the Community Programme Coordinator, leading our community, outreach and education programmes in Sarteneja and other stakeholder communities across the country.

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  1. I am really appreciate for all of time to do good things on the Atauro Island
    The more you give and the more you get. Well done keep it up
    Thanks congratulations to you all.


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