You may be wondering why this blog for a six week expedition is being posted during the fifth week….. Well the thing is, Leleuvia is what we like to call a worm hole (a most beautiful one at that).  Secondly, none of us came to this tiny pearl of a south-pacific desert island to sit and type, the only reason we are doing so now is that Howard has withdrawn food and water privileges until we do (secret message: get us out of here!!!).  But seriously, the time has gone by in what I fondly refer to as a completely ridiculous manner, quick but not quick. It feels like we have been here forever but time is marching on, maybe that’s just island time.  Although the day we floated to shore seems like just yesterday, we now know each other pretty damn well (sometimes in ways that might have been better kept secret).  For example, Tristan never takes off his wife beater, Lele (chef extraordinaire) can work a pole like a madwoman, and Katie is deathly afraid of worms and Howard doesn’t have night vision quite like Tom does, especially when it comes to trees…. [Ed – I removed the more salacious/unsavoury ones. Keep it clean].

The island staff, our local family, are incredible.  Always happy and bright they do a great job of keeping things running smoothly despite our constant need for tea, absurd displays of “dancing” on Saturday nights, and general wild neediness – can I get a loofah and a strawberry daiquiri over here please?  They all seem to deal with us in a different way, whether it be Buna and Vika’s breathtaking smiles, Dav’s throwing coconuts on the cinema roof when we’re watching a scary movie, or Jone our Boat Driver mocking our feeble attempts at Fijian.

Writing this short blog entry is no real way to convey just how great a time everyone is having. In the last ten minutes we have come to 2 conclusions; 1) We wish we could be here for the next trip and 2) Its time for a swim.

Peace. Leah & Duncan

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  1. Must be time for a parental Gap Year… it all sound too good to be true. Enjoy, it sounds fantastic!
    Doug Hall


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