Football match this afternoon against the village a splendid victory for the men’s team: 1-0! Women’s team drew 0-0.

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  1. I am slightly disappointed by the lack of press this incredible feat has attracted. Blue Ventures had never beaten the villagers on their home turf (sand and stones), a scabby draw being the best previous volunteer teams could muster….yet we performed the impossible.

    But bare in mind the following….firstly, we had Lea: turning circle of a jumbo jet, pace of an ostrich without legs and literally the height of a Chiwawa – our captain fantastic, field scientist, and general muppet. Then we had Ben, who basically lacked any form of coordination from the hips down. Both illustrated their profound ability to swipe freely at air, most noticeably two yards in front of an empty goal (although I’ll give it to them, they did do alot of ‘strong running’ for the team!). The rest of our unit was made up of either extremely unfit post-university graduates, who spent more time reminiscing the days when they could actually move, than playing football, or extremely unfit pre-university school leavers who simply couldn’t be arsed to move let alone attempt to play football. All in all we were a horrendous outfit. However, Leas team talk seemed to dissolve all these physical barriers, and unite us together into one, finely tuned, predatory, footballing machine….. “just f**cking get stuck into them!!” Despite Ben’s best efforts, a Thomas wonder goal and some serious backs to the wall defending saw us emerged unscathed, completely knackered, yet euphoric at being the first side ever to beat Andavadoakafishermenwhoareonetousandtimefitterthanthevazahar fc.

    Surely the team photo should be placed on the BV village notice board as a friendly reminder to the vezo….never underestimate the fat vazahar.


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