Monday 17th December
Coco Beach, Andavadoaka
16:09 (UK), 19:09 (Madagascar)

I really should change the clock on my computer but I quite like being reminded that I am 3 hours in front of all you UK people. So when I get up at 6am I know you are all safely wrapped up in bed, probably in 2 duvets now it us getter close to mid winter – the winter solstice nears – and I go off for an early morning snorkel in water no colder then 25ºC. Not that I am being too smug. And now I am winding down before party night whilst you are all in the twilight hour of 4 – 5pm.
Thinking about it now I watch sunset at about the same time you do. Fantastic.

It has been a week since arriving and it now feels like I have been here for a month. I feel like I am part of the furniture and feel I have got to know everyone well already. Having little- no communication with the outside world encourages communication from individuals and you definitely get to know each other a lot quicker.

So the week that has been has included; getting ill, getting better, getting sun burnt, getting a great tan, skin falling off leaving me whiter than before, Stuffing the turkey falling in love, the freight arriving, Larissa the new BVCO site coordinator arriving, getting a new reef named after me, snorkelling and 3 walks to the random, distant mobile phone point in the middle of the spiny forest.

The biggest event of the week, above the freight and BVCO’s coordinator arriving, is that Stuffing; the turkey has fallen in love with a lovely female turkey. They have spent the last 3 days in each others feathers. It is beautiful to see – true love. Wish I was a turkey. They’ve been following each other around like lost souls. Now it feels even more wrong that he will be taken away at Christmas. I feel there is some hope though- I think Tristan (pictured with his beloved pet…) is falling in love with Stuffing – yesterday he was spotted making morning ‘gobble gobble’ noises – perhaps having the competition of another turkey has made him jealous.

Having freight has been a great excitement for all – new band sparkling new dive kit – enough for all volunteers to have one, a telescope, more oxygen, and the best bit – goodies for all the staff. I forget that I have only been in Madagascar for 2 and a half weeks, some of the staff have been away for 9 months plus. It seems marmite is the most priced possession, perhaps second to hot chocolate! If anyone is coming out to site and wants to make some quick friends then bring one of those items and you will be loved forever.

Ellie (BVCO Director)

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