by Sage Adams

So much is going on here in Andavadoaka, I thought I would write a little about all that is happening.

New volunteers Allison, Anne and Jeremiah arrived a few days ago and have begun diving as of today.

Ralf walked all the way to Morombe during the intersession, quite a distance on foot.

Ruth, expedition manager, has returned from a visit to the U.K. and order has been restored to the site. Justin, other expedition manager, managed to keep us all going while Ruth was away.

Most of the volunteers participated in the play ‘Mampiasa Kapoty’ put on to raise awareness of STI’s and family planning. Becks, the medic, headed up that effort as well as a project to get a sail made that advertises family planning as it sails along the Velondriake coastline.

Kamilla, Sage, and Karim completed a large banner reading FISA, or family planning in Malagasy.

Satu, Jen and Gaia are now advanced scuba divers and no one seems to be able to get Satu out of the water.

Charlie, field scientist, has gone out to check on the shark and turtle reserves on the way to Morombe.

Bic, Malagasy staff, returned safely from Mauritius and is in the process of building a brand new house in Andavadoaka, the first one with two stories.

Lalao and Hanta, Malagasy staff, are travelling around the Velondriake area talking to the villages about data from the mangrove and sea grass studies.

Vic and Emma finally passed their fish tests and are now fish belt enabled. Dan saw an enormous puffer fish, but it was probably scared away by his 1980’s wetsuit.

Jon managed to sail a pirogue by himself, although some swimming was required.

Angelo, Malagasy staff, turned 25 on June 8th.

Kamilla and Gaia have been making friends with the dive staff at Laguna Blu, a resort near by.

Al and Chris arrived with a 4X4 vehicle that will soon be for blue ventures site use.

Gildas, Malagasy staff, arrived back from Germany.

Al won a mars bar (very sacred here) for dressing up as the fish he was meant to present to the volunteers.

Louis won Tai be for the first time and was quite put out by it.

Fran visited for a few days, to tell us of a new shark and turtle reserve she opened near Morondava.

James finally completed his song about condoms and sang it to the village.

Finally, we are all still avidly awaiting the hatching of the turtle nests.

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