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By Olivia Poller My name’s Olivia Poller, I’m 13 years of age and from Australia. Recently Mum and Dad decided to go on an adventurous holiday to Madagascar, dragging my brother and myself along with them.

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By Liz Poller We are almost into the last week of our expedition and I am starting to feel sad that we have to leave this paradise. For me the trip to Andavadoaka has been the best experience I have had since having children.

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Phew, expedition number one in the can, done, completed. It’s been a tough few weeks and jam packed with activities, research and outreach programs...

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By Liz Griffiths We are now half way through our six week expedition. Last week, the few dive ‘beginners' amongst us sat (and passed) our PADI Open Water exam.

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Island life changes you. Slowly and gradually Swiss cottages and the expedition becomes your normal life.

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Andavadoaka, Madagascar. Blue Ventures' conservation scientist Gildas Andriamalala recently returned to Madagascar to establish the country's first Rare Pride Campaign, after receiving nine weeks of intensive training in the use of social marketing and communication in conservation,

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By Katie. Today we headed over to Uluibau Primary school on Moturiki to start up a conservation club for the kiddos...

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By Margo...

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From BV volunteer Roger Vaughan, a retired teacher from California. Over the past few days I have had the opportunity to travel afield with BV...

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I'm coming to the end of my first week here in Andavadoaka, and I'm already regretting the fact that I've signed up for...