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When you’re bringing your work to the dinner table…

Island life changes you. Slowly and gradually Swiss cottages and the expedition becomes your normal life.

/ May 20, 2009

Rare launches first conservation campaign in Madagascar with Blue Ventures

Andavadoaka, Madagascar. Blue Ventures' conservation scientist Gildas Andriamalala recently returned to Madagascar to establish the country's first Rare Pride Campaign, after receiving nine weeks of intensive training in the use of social marketing and communication in conservation,

/ May 15, 2009

Kicking off the Qio club

By Katie. Today we headed over to Uluibau Primary school on Moturiki to start up a conservation club for the kiddos...

/ May 8, 2009

Sharks Without the Bite

By Margo Simon I saw my first shark today, albeit in pieces. I had hoped that while diving in the wild waters of Madagascar, I would come across a multitude of fascinating sea creatures, especially sharks, although hopefully from a...

/ Nov 18, 2008

Overnight Pirogue Trip

From BV volunteer Roger Vaughan, a retired teacher from California. Over the past few days I have had the opportunity to travel afield with BV staff members Lalao and Thomas, and volunteers Ben (U. Sheffield grad student), Ali (U. Montreal recent...

/ Jul 18, 2008
dive training

Time flies…

I’m coming to the end of my first week here in Andavadoaka, and I’m already regretting the fact that I’ve signed up for just six weeks instead of three months. There’s so much to see and do here – not...

/ Jul 8, 2008

Night Diving

From Justin, Expedition Manager Dive number: 39 Location: Valleys Time: 0500 First night dive! Yay! Depth: 16 metres Time: 48 minutes Temperature: 21 degrees – cold! I was very excited to be doing my first ever night dive. All the...

/ Jul 8, 2008

Two plays, one message

From Becks Hill, our medic Since last writing, another expedition has been and gone, and with the help of our volunteers, STI awareness has stepped up apace: the campaign to create awareness has come a long way. After the first...

/ Jul 2, 2008
A village meeting, next to the local children's club, in Andava

“The sea of life”

from Emma Ashley After much preparation and practice (ahem!) by volunteers and staff, Blue Ventures performed a play entitled ‘Mampiasa Kapoty’ to the village of Andavadoaka on Saturday 7th June. The theme of the play was to highlight the importance...

/ Jun 13, 2008

Fish Rap

by Jen Sanders Now this is a story all about how you will learn fish in Nosy Cao, I’d like to take a minute so sit for a bit, so I can tell you ’bout the Groupers and the Sweetlips....

/ Jun 10, 2008

Update from our Expedition Manager: The Joy of Fish!

From Ruth: I have now been in Andavadoaka working for Blue Ventures for 7 months. I’ve been ‘fish enabled’ for about 5 of those months, and am out there doing fish point outs and tests with volunteers during their training...

/ May 19, 2008

Sexual health message spread through drama

It’s a Saturday. Not that the days of the week bear much consequence to our working week here in Andavadoaka; but it is a Saturday, Saturday 10th May. An important meeting is to be held with all parties involved within...

/ May 14, 2008